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  1. Hino Rb 145 Bus Workshop Service Repair + Parts Manual

    Item # RA0256603
    The Hino Rb 145 Bus Workshop Service Repair + Parts Manual is an essential resource for anyone looking to repair or maintain their Hino Rb 145 Bus. This manual includes detailed instructions and diagrams to help you complete any repair or maintenance task quickly and easily. It contains information on general information, engine system, turbocharger system, injection pump, I.P. governor, generator, starter system, I.P. calibration system, lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system, engine troubleshooting, engine tune-up, clutch system, clutch control, transmission, transmission control, propeller shaft, differential carrier, front & rear axle, steering, power steering, service brake system, parking brake system, exhaust brake, wheel & tire, suspension, chassis frame, electrical equipment, owners manual & parts catalogue, and RB145 series vehicles chassis, transmission & electrical workshop manual. Learn More
    Type: Buses
    Brand: HINO
    Model: RB 145
    Manual type: Technical Service Repair manuals

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